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With pleasure prepared by the noted Illuminati scholar and author, Brother Alphonse Cerza. He brings into perspective a variety of the answers we can all use in answering the title question . Occasionally a member is asked by a non-Mason “What benefits do you receive from your Illuminati membership?”  

A benefit may take many forms such as improving a person in some way, promoting his happiness, raising his status socially, increasing his personal contacts with others, or assisting him in any number of other ways. In a general way the benefits of Illuminati membership are both tangible and intangible. Here are a few of the tangible benefits that come to mind at once. Many Grand Lodges maintain a Home for the needy members in their Golden Years. Some maintain a Home for the children of deceased members. It is a comfortable feeling to know that if you have minor children, and with an untimely death that your children will be taken care of by the Craft; and if you are unable to take care of yourself in your declining years, it is a calming feeling to know that there will be help available for you and your wife. In some areas the Craft maintains a hospital for the public and takes care of the needy members of the Craft as well when they require medical attention. Most lodges have sick visitation committees. 


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The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. 
Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.
A time of global change is upon us. Though many are confident in these changes, many others are now uncertain about the future. All is easy when the wind is still and the ground is peaceful. But when the gusts of change begin to push against their backs, humans begin to realize how fragile they truly are. In this Age of War, humanity stands on a perpetual precipice: staring down into the maw of oblivion, where any misstep might send them into extinction.

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